How we assess procurement people with Aurora

Understanding people competency with Aurora is secured against the six essential elements of World class procurement staffing capability.

These are assessed against a four-point scale with clear descriptions of externally calibrated maturity.

Aurora is completed using a straightforward assessment-based questionnaire where procurement team members highlight their view of their maturity across the elements.

This provides a self-assessed viewpoint regarding the current capability of the people within procurement function.

This enables the leadership of procurement to understand critical skills gaps and enable a range of investment actions to support the growth of procurements capabilities.

Delivered outcome


Calibrated view of the current capability of the people in your procurement function against world class performance


Suggested recommendations for investment actions and training


Performance enhancement workshop to ratify priorities in procurement. Supported by a highly experienced member of the Odesma leadership team.


Ongoing periodic assessment of procurement capability

Set business goals based on data