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Odesma Assessor and Aurora are the result of over 100 years’ experience in the procurement business created by the Odesma leadership team.

Odesma offer a new breed of procurement advisory which ensures our clients stay ahead of the market and improve more than just their bottom line. Odesma offers procurement as a service by bringing together leading subject matter expertise, technology, governance and leadership in a way that is tailored to the needs of any organisation.

Odesma was first started in 2014 with the intention of changing the world of procurement by introducing ‘Cloud Principles’, to provide access to the best expertise and talent in any industry quickly and whenever and where ever it is needed.

The evolution to technology-based procurement solutions at Odesma has been evolving for many years. With the introduction of Odesma Assessor and Aurora being the first procurement product offered by Odesma.

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