Odesma Assessor

A self-assessment benchmarking tool, delivered by experts in Procurement

What we do

Odesma Assessor is the best practice procurement benchmarking tool allowing procurement operations to assess themselves against best in class performance across all areas of procurement. This enables both self-assessment and external competitive comparison with peer group organisations.

By learning from successful practices of others it enables all organisations to target specific improvement actions that deliver enhanced performance, resulting ultimately in competitive advantage. 

Why assess your procurement function?

Gain Competitive Advantage

Best in class procurement delivers 10-15% competitive advantage to the organisation.

Define Priorities

Understanding where you are enables contemplation of the priorities

A tool to help set plans

Sets the 1-3-5 year plan for investment

Assess Yourself

Allows you to assess yourself against your competition.

Create focused development

Drives the agenda for developing your team and their capabilities

A team of experts behind the wheel

The approach to assessing the maturity and capability of procurement is a product of over 100 years of procurement experience vested in Odesma.

Having worked with many blue-chip procurement operations and helped numerous organisations improve the performance and status of their procurement Odesma have created a range of assessment tools and techniques that allow procurement professionals and their business partners to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of procurement, whilst also identifying the components required to make procurement successful. 

Procurement performance enablement

Utilising Odesma’ deep experience in line procurement, consulting and outsourcing has enabled them to determine the key drivers of procurement performance enablement. The Odesma Assessor has been calibrated with a range of customers both domestically and globally.

A solution for professionals

“Benchmarking enables a structured and methodical approach to continuous improvement and ensures that the priorities for procurement align with a best in class viewpoint” Executive Director


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